Mark Neary 
 Musician – Engineer


Mark Who?

Mark Neary is an experienced Musician and Audio Engineer/programmer.
As a musician in the industry for 20 years, he has a wide variety of experience in playing a range of instruments. Primarily this includes bass guitar, however Mark also plays pedal steel guitar , double bass and other instruments, as well as synth and software programming.

In addition, Mark mixes tracks and albums as well as re-mixing.

He has worked with a number of Artists including Noel Gallagher, U2, Adele and UNKLE

As a sound engineer, Mark has creative experience in recording, mixing and sound reproduction using both protools and logic, being protools engineer on Noel Gallagher's high flying birds album and audio engineer for the Rolling Stones.

He works in his own London-based studio. Contact Mark Neary

A taste of Mark’s Work:

Mark In The Press

Set Fire To The Rain (Live On The Graham Norton Show) 29/04/11

Adele Live TV performance of 'set fire to the rain' graham norton

Noel Gallagher - Press Conference 6th July 2011

Noel Gallagher’s interview unexpected musical input on 'the high flying birds'

Steve Smyth. Written or spoken. Pedal steel guitar

Steve Smyth. Written or spoken. Pedal steel guitar


NOiD labs REMIX full production/remix of a Patrick walden tune

BongoSaloon @ The Ivy House 3RD JAM 20/2/14

Bongo Saloon Live bi-monthly London improv and music with various changing musicians

A lot of swearing

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - Vignette 9: Saw


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